MacArthur Recruitment was set up to approach the recruitment process how we feel it should be done: honestly, openly and professionally. We provide a recruitment partnership and see ourselves as part of your team; taking on your culture and understanding how you like to work.

We want to save you time, eliminate the hassle and then match you with the right employees for your business, who will provide long-term solutions, helping you to grow and build for the future.

As well as offering traditional contingency recruitment, we recommend working on an exclusive basis, which MacArthur Recruitment has a 100% successful track record in.

Additional services that working on an exclusive basis provides are:

• Priority search time
• A passive-market approach
• More-targeted advertising
• Further on-site consultation

Benefits of this service include:

• Quality – even more committed and suitable candidates
• Access – Communication with passive candidates
• Consistency – Consistent brand message broadcast
• Focus – on quality rather than speed

Average industry success rate for exclusive recruitment is 63.4%; (19.7% for contingency) - our track record at MacArthur Recruitment is 100% success rate (and 48% success for contingency).

In particular, as standard, we:

  • take full face-to-face briefings, visiting your offices in the process
  • search our own network and database for possible candidates we already know or have worked with – our specialisation in Cumbria means this is an ever-growing ‘pool’ for us
  • produce detailed, expert and well-laid out advert copy which we post in various job boards and social media
  • utilise our network, contacts and database of existing candidates
  • pre-screen all candidates against technical, qualification, certification, personality and career criteria, pro-actively avoiding duplications and previously submitted candidates
  • meet with candidates, get to know them and check their eligibility to work
  • gain the candidate's written permission to represent them to the role
  • gain an initial shortlist of high-quality candidates for you to consider - our rigorous pre-screening means there is a high conversion rate to interview
  • organise face-to-face interviews of these candidates and manage subsequent job offer and negotiation
  • take references on the candidate, organise start date, assist them in exiting their current company if required, confirm start details and any set-up with umbrella companies etc
  • perform first day check then follow-up with the candidate and client in the 1st week and at various periods after start-date.

Every working relationship and each business’s recruitment requirements differ. We build a bespoke package and negotiate our fees with you to organise something that works for us all.

We are happy with the service we receive from Macarthur. I like th approach you take which is understanding the needs of the role and looking for quality candidates rather than quantity. The managers here that you interact with all feel positive about our working relationship and have commented that you send credible candidates. This gains their respect which is always a huge benefit! You take the time to listen and ask questions which sets you a part from may other recruiters out there.

Michelle Watson - HR Advisor, TSP Engineering